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‘HIGH CARD’ world premiere screening and ‘Lupin THE 3RD’ panel & trivia contest announced for Anime NYC 2022

A high-stakes anime series is set to make its debut~

(Featured Image Source: Anime NYC / TMS Entertainment)

TMS Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing some exciting experiences to this year’s Anime NYC, including the world premiere screening for the highly anticipated upcoming series HIGH CARD and a special Lupin THE 3RD panel & trivia contest!

HIGH CARD is an upcoming 2023 anime series created in collaboration between TMS Entertainment and Homura Kawamoto & Hikaru Muno, the writer-creator brother duo behind the hit series “Kakegurui.” HIGH CARD tells the story of a young man who, after a chance encounter at a casino, finds himself pulled into a secret conflict between individuals with superhuman abilities granted to them by the mysterious set of x-playing cards.

The HIGH CARD world premiere screening and panel will take place on 11/19 at 7PM in Panel Room 1. It will feature authors Homura Kawamoto, Hikaru Muno, and producer Hiroki Okamoto, with Kawamoto and Muno also participating in signings on Saturday, 11/19, at 5PM and Sunday, 11/20, at 11AM. All attendees will also receive an exclusive limited edition set of X-Playing cards based on the ones used by the members of HIGH CARD in the anime.

The LUPIN THE 3rd panel and trivia contest will take place on Sunday, 11/20, at 11AM in Panel Room 4. The panel will feature a -recorded discussion with exclusive commentary from the English dub cast’s Richard Epcar (voice of Daisuke Jigen and English Dub director of the series) and Tony Oliver (voice of Lupin III), and will celebrate the franchise with announcements, news, and games! The trivia quiz will have giveaway prizes including limited edition LUPIN THE 3rd bomber jackets, Magnetic Press’s “50 Years of Animated LUPIN THE 3rd” 50th anniversary art books, and more!

Exciting events, including a world premiere, joining Anime NYC is the can’t miss event of the season!

Anime NYC 2022 Powered By Crunchyroll is set for November 18-20 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. Badges for Friday and Sunday are still available.


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