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Navigating the waves of the internet to bring you the coolest info on Video Games, Comics, Movies & Television. Those be no mere tides, no… Those be NERDIER TIDES!

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-Our Staff-

Tauheed “Tai” Radway @Trad27

Editor in Chief of the Tides. He has contributed articles and helped write for sites across the wide expanse of the internet. Comic book craving, video game playing, Star Wars fanboy at your service. Mention all forms of geekdom and you will have a friend in him.

Paul @MacwoodSaints

A wild afro appears! With a penchant for all things animation, rpg, and video game related, he draws and transcribe all the things he couldn’t quite grow out of. You think all these reboots of things from the 80s and 90s are your ally? You’ve merely adopted them. he was shaped by them. Molded by them.


Fashion by day, Gamer by night, she covers all the bases she can. She’ll be found working with the team to keep things organized or goofing off just as much as everyone else. Born and raised at the hands of nerds, her niche random knowledge sometimes comes in handy.


Is a writer, producer, and voice for Nerdier Tides. When he isn’t providing content or catching up on gaming news he spends his time reading manga while listening to music of the anime persuasion.


Managing day Editor of the tides as well as free range and cage free gamer, Overwatch player, and streamer. I was going to make a joke but I couldn’t think of one… Wait Don’t write that!


Endlessly typing out original fiction stories, Luka is the one to talk to when you need some simple advice about fiction writing. A veteran of the classic Playstation 2 console, Luka’s casually twiddling thumbs on throw back games (and recent ones of course) or face deep in a shoujō manga when not blinded from a computer monitor.


Writer, gamer, streamer, and mother. This life long nerd combines her knowledge of gaming with the experiences she has had a mother, to show the dynamic ways gaming can both exist and change lives heavily.

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