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Gorillaz Murdoc Niccals’ Prison Escape Plan Results In Him Receiving Savage Beating

Murdoc's escape plan is coming together nicely! (Sort of)

The Gorillaz founding member and bassist Murdoc Niccals is still jailed while his bandmates enjoy the release of their latest album The Now Now, and are currently on a world tour. But for those who communicated with the “Innocent” musician recently through The Gorillaz Facebook page, you got an update on his plan to prove he was framed by the crime lord El Mierda.

Receiving a message from the Wormwood Scrubs Prison system offering a new type of messenger pass. Then asking you several questions including questions that allude to clues given in the last chat session through the prison, you are connected to a battered (but celebratory) Murdoc.

37551938_10156623540412996_5814511602744950784_n (1)
Still smiling~

It seems his plan to upset McGuiness resulted in a fight that Murdoc couldn’t win. He did manage to gain enough prison rep to push forward with the next step of his plan.

My conversation with Murdoc

Contacting those who he messaged him before, he informs you that one of El Mierda’s men named Vlad, is also in the prison and that it is your job in two weeks time to message him and somehow convince him to send you a picture of His back in order to further the pursuit of El Mierda.


With a plan to pose as Vlad’s fiancee Millie and leaving you with the clue to save the word BEETLEJUICE, those participating in this AG can be delighted to see that Murdocs plan is working…. in its own way.

August 3rd is when I can expect to try and trick Vlad. Wish me (and I guess Murdoc) luck!

The Now Now is available for purchase now!


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