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The Fantastic World Of Sam Neukirch!

Her art is bizarre, comedic, loving, fast, calm, and overall gorgeous.

I am constantly reminded that I am not allowed to simply have favorites. That when you establish a favorite it sets a standard in a way for content that falls in the same category. It might paint an interpretation.

But I don’t care at all about that when I say that illustrator Sam Neukirch is my new favorite artist.

Her creations are full of life. Her art is varied, bizarre, comedic, loving, fast, calm, and overall gorgeous.

From her fan work which shows so much love of a so many things, to her original pieces that have a level of creativity that somehow you get but still end up thinking is out there.


Sam Neukirch,

Sam Neukirch,


Birds in clothes makes so much sense that I’m upset it wasn’t a tv show on MTV back in the late 90’s  – early 2000’s.

Every piece that Neukkirch does has her flair but I cant pin a style to her or a simple label for what it is she makes.

Sam Neukirch,

Sam Neukirch,
She creates what she wants, how she wants and it makes tracking her work beyond a delight!

Neukirch‘s works can be taken home in a multitude of ways.

This is a masterpiece beyond its years… taken @ BoroughCon 2018
  • Prints
  • Zines
  • Pins


Sam Neukirch (Left) and Joe Arias (Right) Taken @ BoroughCon 2018
I can’t express just how much we enjoy the Sam Neukirch’s work. It is a bit of everything yet feels always like she did it. That she added some part of herself to it. we love it all and if you like what we have shown here, you can:

Follow her on Twitter

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Check out her Instagram

Visit her Official Site

Follow her Tumblr

Watch her on Twitch

To purchase her crafts you can head over to Etsy & Seismic Art

And if you want to support her, you can check out her Patreon.

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