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You Can Now Speak To Murdoc One-on-One And Try To Help Him To Get Out Of Prison!

The Gorillaz seem to be starting a new interactive AR experience!

The news taking the music world by storm is that Gorillaz bassist and founder, Murdoc Niccals is locked away in jail, being replaced by Gangreen gang leader Ace.

Well, the latest update to this drama is that those who seek Murdoc’s freedom can now message him to try and help!


Offering a chance to speak to Murdoc one-on-one through Facebook Messenger, Skype, Amazon Echo, or KIK, he explains his current situation as a case of him being framed/mistaken as a crime lord.


Oh Murdoc!

Further talking to him he will ask you to help him craft an insult that will be played over the loudspeakers of the prison about another inmate, in a moment of humor that is so true to the world of the Gorillaz.

Murdoc’s first target on the road to freedom

You will actually get to hear your insult which is maybe the best part.


While still no news on if Murdoc will see a release soon, Ace seems to be fitting into the band well with some fans asking for him to hang around for a while.

But no matter if you want Murdoc free or not, I highly suggest messaging him. It was fun and funny, and maybe the start of an all-new Gorillaz AR experience?

The Gorillaz The Now Now will be released on June 29th

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3 comments on “You Can Now Speak To Murdoc One-on-One And Try To Help Him To Get Out Of Prison!

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  2. John Hardin

    Hi, Murdoc


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