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The Next Chapter Of Murdoc’s Escape Plan Requires That You Flirt With A Criminal

The next part of Murdoc's plan begins.

The Gorillaz Bassist and founder Murdoc Niccals is still jailed, but as we have been tracking

37551938_10156623540412996_5814511602744950784_n (1)
Still smiling~

He has a most brilliant plan!

plan that currently tasks those trying to help the innocent man, to flirt with a hardened criminal.


As we reported last timefollowing the savage beating that Murdoc received after having us insult another inmate, he tasked us with pretending to be Millie, the fiancée of an inmate of named Vlad. With the goal of getting the tattooed map on Vlad‘s body which will show the location of the man who has framed Murdoc.

Told to be ready, participants were notified of a new message from Murdoc. He gives a quick recap and a clue before hacking into Vlad‘s messenger.

And Vlad started strong!

Flirting around his constant mention of crimesVlad offers a peek at his “Anaconda”.


And then begins the flirtatious battle to try and figure out exactly where the tattoo is.

After picking up on some clues, players will be able to find the tattoo.

We won’t spoil where it is and some of the “cutesy” talks that Vlad and the player engage in. But it has been revealed that the next time we will be able to talk to the trapped Murdoc will be August 17th.

A step closer to freedom from Murdoc Niccals
And what will likely be even more absurd requests from him?

The Gorillaz latest album, ‘The Now Now’ is available now. You can experience The Gorillaz live via their current ‘The Now Now tour’ that will be performing until October 20, 2018.


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