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BoroughCon 2018: The Art Of JT – Art That Captures A Moment

An artist who understands the expression of emotions

Describing the art of JT (Toxic Crown) is drawing attention to the sense of emotion her work carries. The life filled eyes, the contrast between how she creates soft or harsher expressions. The scenes give off an exhilaration of movement or the calmness of melancholy moment.

If there is one thing I have to truly say about the art of JT, is the sense of encapsulation. The idea you might be catching a candid moment and the sudden look from someone you were watching.

In person, I described her art as being filled with action. What I realize now by browsing through her larger portfolio, is that it’s not exactly action, but a flash of a point in time. A snapshot of a real scene. The glimpse of an instant.

Her art gives a sense of a captured breath, and it is mesmerizing for that.

JT (Center) with fellow artist Janny Vommit (Left) and Domi P-Glitchii (Right)

To see more of JT’s work for yourself, you follow her on Instagram, and/or check out her Tumblr.

(Featured image source – Toxic_Crown Instagram)

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