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BoroughCon 2018: Domi P-Glitchii – An Artist Creating Vibrant & Distinctive Pieces

P-Glitchii's technique is full of making her characters... well, feel like characters

Domi P-Glitchii‘s art is amazingly enthralling. When it came time to write about her creations, I found myself just browsing through it all, far longer than the original time I allocated (Don’t tell our managing editor…)

Vibrant colors, distinct in style, yet each piece still has the feeling of capturing a life in motion. Snapshots into the lives of characters I wish I could see fleshed out.

When speaking with P-Glitchii, she described her art style as “Thicc, with all the Cs”. And she wasn’t lying. But in a grand way, it is refreshing to see people of all sizes, represented in her compellingly lively approach.

If you are lucky enough to catch her at a convention she has a booth at, make sure to snag one of handmade pins and her awesome prints!

Domi P-Glitchii pictured right, alongside fellow artist JT (center) and Jahnny Vomit (Left). Taken @ BoroughCon 2018

P-Glitchii‘s technique is full of making her characters… well, feel like characters, and you know we love that here.

If you would like to check out more of Domi P-Glitchii‘s work, you can:

  • Follow her on Instagram where you can also get updates for which conventions she will be attending
  • Like her Facebook page
  • Follow her on Tumblr
  • And watch her stream on Twitch

(Featured Image via P_Glitchii Instagram)

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