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BoroughCon 2018: 09 Lives Studio – Beautiful Nerdy Mugs And Prints

The perfect addition to any geek kitchen!

You now have the perfect thing for that morning cup of coffee or that last bit of ice cream late at night, thanks to illustrator & cosplayer Kat Rodriguez of 09 Lives Studio and her handmade mug and spoon sets.

Offering Sailor Moon, OverwatchVoltron, and even more styles, these mugs will bring a smile to any part of your nerd day.


Sporting the art of the talented Rodriguez, I love her version of these iconic characters (trust me gamers when I say you need one of the Overwatch spoon mugs!)

Kat Rodriguez, 09 Lives Studio


You can pick up a mug over at the 09 Lives Studio Etsy shop.

Taken @ BoroughCon 2018
Taken @ BoroughCon 2018

To see more of her incredible creations, you can follow her Instagram! Where you can also check out the latest conventions she will attend.

And if her marvelous cosplay interest you, you can check out her cosplay Instagram.

And we will see you next we Etsy Hunt!

(Featured image source – 09 Lives Studio Etsy)

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