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BoroughCon 2018: Jahnny Vommit – Alternative Cartoonist With An Imagination All Her Own

Jahnny Vommit blends the world with her style for an amazingly diverse set of creations

The art of alternative cartoonist Jahnny Vommit is a lot of things. It can be loudruckus filled, popping-out, harsh, cute, chill, nostalgic, new, and sleek. But most importantly it is relatable and feels real despite sometimes looking otherworldly. 

That is what makes it so very interesting to see what she creates.

especially enjoy her original comic, Tips for Life: A stream of Consciousness.


Jahnny Vommit,

There is an honesty in her comic. Not some grand universal truth, but something more grounded and more constant.

When speaking with her she explained she likes to draw what she likes how she likes, and you can see that for sure.

Jahnny Vommit,
Jahnny Vommit,


Her portfolio is filled with tie-ins to amazing series that she has tweaked with her flair. Her original comics and art are stunning works that make you just need to have them as a print.

Jahnny Vommit,
Jahnny Vommit,

The art of Jahnny Vommit can be a lot of things, but it is always a constant show of remarkable skill and imagination.

Jahnny Vommit (Left) alongside fellow artist JT (center) and Domi P-Glitchii (Right)

For those able to catch her at a convention, you get the chance to grab some of her awesome merch and prints!

Jahnny Vommit,

You can get a full look at Jahnny‘s portfolio at Jahnnyvommit.comwhere you can also get a heads up to the conventions she will be attending.

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