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BoroughCon 2018: Hayochi – The Magic Of The Bizarre & Surreal

An artist of varying dynamic styles!

The art of Hayochi is a wonder to look at. Her surreal pieces feel like dreams caught in motion, her more grounded pieces provide a warmth, and then there is the work that is just all kinds of fun.

An NYC based illustrator, her original character work are marvels of creativity. Each piece featuring a life of their own. There is a mastery of expressions, of subtle smiles, of harsh frowns, it makes her work hard hitting in a way.

That unique flair is something she carries over to her fan oriented work. It is not enough to draw a character. She adds a flair that makes each a bizarre and lovable thing, in their own right. A level of skill that makes what she draws, so very fun to track!

You can check out Hayochi‘s work here, on her official site.

Taken @ BoroughCon 2018

You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

And make sure to visit her awesome shop!

(Featured image source – Hayochi’s Instagram)


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