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Wargaming Reveals ‘World Of Tanks: Mercenaries’!

Money or a cause... What drives you?

The amazing team from Wargaming has announced an all-new, amazingly packed expansion for award-winning game World Of Tanks.

World Of Tanks: Mercenaries is the latest expansion for the World of Tanks console experience. Exclusively for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, it adds a new dynamic PVE story alongside updates to the multiplayer with all new maps, nation, and tech tree for the 15 million players who enjoy the console experience to engage in.

The new PVE campaign has players taking on the role of a group of mercenaries, in an alternate history in which World War 2 lasted longer and was more draining on resources. Either solo or in co-op, you will play as a ragtag team of mercenaries. No country their own, fighting to provide for themselves by taking on contracts from the people left in the power vacuum of failing nations. Forging tanks from a hodgepodge of parts, the mercenary crew takes on an action-packed job in the PVE campaign “The Heist”. Players will make it through a story of struggling and cut-throat survival, all presented with dynamic animated comic cutscenes painting a picture of a world where order is gone. Tasked to raid a secret facility, things go array resulting with our band of rogues having to think on their feet and survive the onslaught of a nationless world. New campaign experiences will be added as Wargaming provides the support they are famed for.

WoTC - Spoils of War - Screenshots Story - Potemkin1

This new shift in dynamics and introduction of the Mercenary nation will have a lasting effect on the game’s PVP with new maps and war-torn/aged versions of old maps. An all-new tech tree of tanks joining the game’s impressive roster of 680 available tanks, with 5 new tanks playable at the expansion’s launch. With no true-nations backing, these tanks are made of varying parts, meant to meet situations that the original tank designers never imagined they would have to meet. These new tanks are a caliber of beast each their own, having to survive with few supplies and support, they reflect the world of Mercenaries well. They further tie into the different mercenary crews and characters that make up the expansion. These new characters show how the field has changed, money or a cause, they each have their own goals and that plays into the tanks/gear they use.

Can you tell we are excited?

World of Tanks: Mercenaries will be available June 26 as a free update for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One versions of World of Tanks.

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