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The Gorillaz Bassist, Murdoc Niccals Still In Jail; Replaced By Ace From The Powerpuff Girls

The Gorillaz and The Powerpuff Girls are having another cross-over #FreeMurdoc

The Gorillaz founding member, and bassist, Murdoc Niccals has committed a lot of crimes, but for once he openly and readily has declared his innocence. But as the world gets ready for The Gorillaz upcoming summer tour as well as their new album, The NOWNOW, the band seems to have found a new (yet) familiar green skinned replacement.

Murdoc’s plea from jail: 

That replacement being Ace, leader of the Powerpuff Girls enemy, The Gangreen Gang being made known by posts from band co-creator and artist, Jamie Hewlett. 


It was originally just a series of subtle clues; new images seem to indeed indicate that the infamous Townsville gang leader has joined up with the band to cover for the loss of Murdoc (Temporarily?).

Who is that creeping in the back?

it didn’t help that Hewlett posted this before sharing the art for Murdoc’s replacement.

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Spotted hanging out happily with the group, it raises the question if the rest of Murdoc’s band-mates are even trying to get him out and clear his name? Niccals has committed a multitude of crimes, from instrument theft to the questionable actions of making deals with demons, even having served jail time before. But this is the first time he has claimed so strongly to be innocent.

Made even more believable by his lack of knowledge of what crime he is accused of.

This isn’t the first time The Gorillaz, and The Powerpuff Girls have crossed over. With a newspaper showing the band in the 2002 The Powerpuff Girls Movie, and Gorillaz vocalist 2-D has sported a Mojo Jojo t-shirt once.

The Gorillaz cameo in The Powerpuff Girls Movie
A shout out to Mojo Jojo

We hope to see the music icon free one day, but lets see what Ace has got first.


5 comments on “The Gorillaz Bassist, Murdoc Niccals Still In Jail; Replaced By Ace From The Powerpuff Girls

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  3. Even the puff girl is scary enough.


  4. Free the sleaze! 🙂

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