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Review: The Witch’s Isle

Islands and witches and curses...OH MY!

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Ever wonder what it’s like living on a safe island ruled by a soul-eating witch? Me neither, but I found out anyway.


The Witch’s Isle by COCOSOLA is a point-and-click puzzle-adventure game that brings you into the life of villagers on a cursed island. The island is protected by a slightly evil, overbearing witch who disallows anyone to come and go.

You play as a cursed villager “hired” by the witch to catch a thief before 4AM in-game time. Your journey is short and to the point but the island holds more secrets than the untrained eye can see. As you uncover those secrets, the fate of the island falls deeper and deeper into your hands.


Throughout your journey you are gathering items and meeting the other villagers on the island who tell you their thoughts on the situation at hand. The game is timed with about an hour and a half to two hours of initial game time but more hours will be added upon solving puzzles and trying to get the other endings.

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The Witch’s Isle is available for Android, IOS And Steam. 

Though the game has replayability, repeating the same tasks over and over becomes an annoyingly tedious task to spend hours on. Especially for those who are trophy or ending hunting. I did initially enjoy the Art, Ambiance and Story.


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