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“Bad Timing” – Watching A Nerd Poorly Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Is it awkward to flirt during a zombie apocalypse? I'm asking for a friend...

I wasn’t sure what to think of the comedic horror web series BAD TIMING  when first starting it up. I really wasn’t ready for the character of Andy Silverberg (played by comedian and BAD TIMING creator Andy Goldenberg) to enter my compendium of cherished heroes, for Sam (Becca Leigh Gellman) to become one of my favorite comedic leading ladies, and for ponchos to become cool again.

To be extra fair,not sire they were ever not cool

BAD TIMING follows Andy, an awkward, lonely nerd who is stuck in his company’s IT department. The series opens with a scene that sets up the overall tone perfectly: Andy covered in blood and attempting to clumsily flirt with his traumatized coworker, Eve, following the end of the world.

Perfect timing?

For most stories that focus on a post-apocalyptic world, it allows the main character to change who they are, a rebirth of some kind. He gets to be a hero and spend time with the girl of his dreams, proving who he was before the end of the world isn’t exactly who he was meant to be…

Except Andy… Andy is a loser trying desperately and that makes me love the series even more. At every turn where any other story would give him a win, Andy instead seems to be eternally graceless. He is a loser whose charms won’t appeal to everyone around him and that makes the character feel so real. Goldenberg manages to show all matter of comedy writing skills, but his portrayal of Andy is a heavy draw-point to watch. If you call yourself a nerd, you have met an Andy or you know an Andy. You might even be the Andy. You will adore the plight of Andy.

He pulls off a amazingly fun Jack Nicholson “The Shinning” impersonation made even funnier by the fact he was wearing a dead middle aged woman’s night gown

The supporting cast is just as fun though. Without giving away spoilers for the current two seasons released, the cast is made up of talented actors who help paint the world well.

Eve (Aqueela Zoll) is the subject of Andy’s long held lovelorn affection. Kevin (Michael Foster) is Eve’s boyfriend, and Andy’s rival in, what I imagine, is a one-sided duel. Andy’s overbearing mother Phyllis (played by legendary actress Lisa Raggio) joins the second season cast bringing with her the before mentioned adorable and clever Sam.


We have mentioned before that we were tired of zombie stories. They became the mindless horde that throw themselves at you in video games. Entertainment media seemed to not get what to do with them. But for BAD TIMING, they know exactly what to do with them. I enjoyed the comedy of the world, felt the struggles of Andy, understood what he expected to happen, and cherished every attempt he tried to find his apocalyptic happiness.

BAD TIMING has entered my list of top web series. Its creator has a new fan and I can’t wait for more episodes to comee. It is a must watch!

You can watch both season 1 & 2 for free (as well as subscribe) on Andy Goldenberg’s YouTube channel.

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