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“Shattered Realms”: Beat’em Up Goodness

Games that are easy to play but hard to master have a huge appeal factor to them; the casual gamer can pick up and play while the hardcore gamer can spend hours dedicated to perfecting their play style all while remaining enjoyable hundreds of plays later.

Shattered Realms 2

“Shattered Realms” by developer Kopskop brings such a game to the table! Quoted as a “Combo Sandbox Brawler” which draws inspiration from Guilty Gear, Final Fight, and Devil May Cry with a cyber-punk flair, “Shattered Realms” brings deep fighting mechanics that allow the player to build their own combos intuitively. Add in the snazzy visuals to the table along with an excellent soundtrack really brings it altogether.Shattered Realms 3

Currently only one character and the first stage are playable as part of the demo but it’s definitely enough to wet your whistle. The download link can be found here.

2-player co-op is available but it is confirmed that 4-player co-op will be supported and we are looking forward to shattering some realms with the updates to come!

Shattered Realms 4




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