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Netflix ‘Death Note’ Director Has Announced He Wants to Make “At Least One Sequel”

And the director believes there is a good chance he will get to make it...

Netflix’s interpretation of Death Note currently has a very mixed reaction from fans and critics alike (including ourselves). But that doesn’t stop director Alex Wingard from hoping he will have the chance to make at least one sequel to the embattled movie.


While speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, he discussed how he always saw it not as a singular movie but instead a series, with at least one sequel following the first movie. Wingard has even noted that Netflix will approve of a sequel as long as enough people watch the movie. Given the fact that everyone watched it to see just how good or bad it was going to be, we will likely be getting a Death Note 2 (the fact that most Death Note fans hated it will likely be ignored when Netflix mulls over the script for Death Note 2).


What do you think, does Netflix’s Death Note deserve a second chance? Or has its name been written into the titular book itself?

(Source – Hollywood Reporter)


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