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@PLAY NYC: Miasma Caves

Journey as the dragon girl Lesath through dark caves and thrilling dangers

Miasma Caves is a game type that has really grabbed my interest. I’am use to the formula a lot of other games do ever since Minecraft hit it big. The cycle of resource gathering -> crafting-> combat. It is a cycle that shows up in games far too often. But Miasma Caves isn’t that. It isn’t about crafting or building houses. It is a game about spelunking and exploration. That is unique, that is refreshing, that is something that we should all love.

Cave 3

Developed by Windy Games, Miasma Caves follows a dragon girl named Lesath and her pet flicker. Lesath is a treasure hunter who, following in her family business, decided to use the money she makes as a explorer to save her village. Exploring a series of caves filled with all matter of treasure. Her journey (and thus the gameplay) is one filled not filled with monsters spawning in the dark wanting to kill her, but other dangers of spelunking in dark caves.

Cave-ins, floor collapses, monsters that don’t attack  but instead eat the very treasure she is after, and the dark overtaking her and losing her in the labyrinth of the caves. it all felt so thrilling!

Lesath (1)

The most challenging portion is the titular miasma of the caves. Lesath can only take so much before she needs to leave, that challenge of leaving isn’t so simple either. It is easy to lose your way, so you leave what I can only call glowing bread crumbs behind yourself to follow back.


Coming to the PC, you can follow the development as well as sign up for the game’s news letter at

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