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Liev Schreiber Let His Son Dress As Harley Quinn And People Are Upset

The Hollywood icon let his 8-year-old cosplay as the comic character and the internet is torn about it

Actor Liev Schreiber has gotten quite a few mixed reactions from the internet after letting his youngest son, 8-year old Kai, dress as the Suicide Squad iteration of comic book character, Harley Quinn, for the 2017 San Diego Comic Con.

Originally tweeted by twitter user Common Gay Boy, approval was shared fast and quickly before being met with confusion and even a bit of anger.




While the reactions have been fast, Schreiber has yet to offer a official comment (with many saying he doesn’t have to). His oldest son, 9-year old Sasha went dressed as a Jedi, a fact that most of the more critical reactions have ignored. For the sake of visibility, NT has before asked the question of our readers if there was such a thing as inappropriate cosplay for children. Last time we found Harley Quinn involved as well. Again we ask the question of our readers, is there inappropriate cosplay for children?

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