Final Fantasy XV Announces ‘Comrades’ Multiplayer Expansion Closed Test


In what has been a amazing bit of news, Final Fantasy XV has announced a multiplayer expansion titled “Comrades“. While details are still left unclear as to what exactly Comrades will entail in terms of its direct relation to the main story canon, eager (but also eligible) players will get a chance to play via a closed online test that will run Thursday, August 3rd (5 a.m. PST) – Wednesday, August 9th (12 a.m. PST). Players and up to three of their friends will journey online with custom avatars to complete quest in order to bring order and light back to Lucis. Fans who rather play as Noctis and his friends will have to wait for the full release.

You can check your eligibility here:


As for those who rather wait for the full release, it is due this fall and will be available for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One as a separate purchase or included in the game’s season pass for those who purchased it.


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