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Pokémon Go Fest Deemed A Failure

Things got so bad that things were thrown at a staff members

The first Pokémon GO Fest is being deemed a failure by those who attended. Taking place in Chicago’s Grant Park, attendees and event runners have been plagued with all matter of technical problems.

A event that Niantic sold 20,000 tickets for, twitter was filled with all matter of player complaints. From waiting on four hour long lines, to the influx of players overwhelming the local cellphone towers, and the simple fact that players paid to go to the event and work together to catch a legendary Pokémon that never arrived. The atmosphere got so bad, that it is reported that a water bottle was thrown at one of Niantic’s hosts.



Eventually the event organizers refunded ticket purchases and gave players a apologetic $100 in in-game credit. This is not a good first showing of what was a promised feature for the game that has seen its popularity drop since its launch.


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