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Is There Inappropriate Cosplay For Children?

I want to start a conversation about children and cosplay.

​Is there such a thing as inappropriate cosplay for children? While searching the internet for interesting pieces and topics to write about, I came across this picture of two children pulling off a very well done Suicide Squad Joker and Harley Quinn.

The picture remains without proper source cause we can’t find the original poster

Now before anyone thinks I am passing active judgment and down playing these two young fans (though the original post thread I found it on seemed to deem it was likely more the parents than the children who are the fans), I actual question is it appropriate for children to cosplay harsher or even more sexual characters. The Joker is a abusive manipulator who exploits Harley Quinn’s affection for him to beat and control his long suffering partner. In the movie the camera leaves lingering shots on Harley Quinn’s body while she poses and even dresses and undresses.

Now again I pass no judgment on what these children are doing. I just want to start a conversation on age appropriate cosplay and if that is a thing? If it is not should it be a topic/genre? Should parents use their children to express their personal interests? And if parents do, is that child being exploited?

Suicide Squad is a Pg-13 film but these children look younger than that. Does that matter?

I always thought babies dressed as Pokémon and iconic Anime characters were cute but is this something different or is it exactly the same?

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4 comments on “Is There Inappropriate Cosplay For Children?

  1. mikefleckcreator

    Super thought provoking article I like it! Have you ever featured your writing on any other websites before? Great stuff!


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