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Black Girl Gamers: Creating a Visible Space for Diversity in Gaming

Black gamer girls making sure their voices are heard

Visibility matters. In a world that can stereotype who does what, it is important to remember all hobbies touch everyone. As we wrote about several times, the world of nerdom can be cruel to women, and even more so for black women, but that’s what Black Girl Gamers is working against. They are making sure that we all remember that black female gamers exist and are a important part of the gaming world.

Founder Jay-Ann Lopez

Founded in 2015 by Jay-Ann Lopez, BGG is a online community and organization devoted to showing the presence of black women in gaming and increasing their influence in the gaming industry overall. It is through their efforts they hope to create a gaming environment free from sexist and racist abuse.


Their community sports over 700 members spanning several countries and is supportive of female black gamers, as well as LBGTQA+ individuals.

BGG enjoys a strong (and extremely fun and entertaining) presence on Twitch and YouTube. With several women making up their streaming cast, they have a schedule set for every day of the week.

Follow them on twitter for schedule updates

A much needed group that continues to grow, they still need the support of those who believe in their message.  With a impressive plan, their Patreon lays out their goals and the way their patrons help them pursue a more inclusive gaming world.

If you would like to help out, you can by:

We cant wait to see this community expand. We love the work they are doing!


All images belong to BlackGirlGamers

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