Do You Remember? Grossology

Warning: It is going to get gross

After a long time away, Do You Remember? is back! And the first series we are covering is a show that had an entire episode dedicated to teaching children about how farts form…


Grossology was a 2006 series that takes its name and presence loosely from a book series of the same title by Sylvia Branzei. The series followed siblings Abby and Ty Archer, who both work for their town’s Bureau of Grossology. While the title might indicate… that they handle gross things, the actual job of the teens is to fight super villains who use tactics too gross for the police to take care of.


The cast of villains was used to set up educational plots revolving around gross subjects. The villains themselves included giant pimple headed mastermind Lance Boil, disgusting mess powered Sloppy Joe, the Scab collecting super model scientist who goes by Scab Fairy, fart powered Fartor, and the insect controlling Insectiva.

Fartor: Think Mr. Freeze but with farts instead of the cold

Facing against the weird (and so obviously named, it hurts but it also makes you giggle) characters, the Archer’s are helped by the technical know how of their lab tech nicknamed Lab Rat and his pet rat Hermes. Due to his agoraphobia, Lab Rat fears the world outside of the grossology lab but has helped in times of emergencies outside of the lab. Their boss is The Director, a man who is incredibly afraid of the gross but has no problem ridding the town of the gross villains though he too has stepped in to protect his gents using a high-powered anti gross suit (raising the question about why is he in charge).



The show taught the science and interesting facts about subjects like tapeworms, water contamination, decay, hairballs, mucus, and so much more. To this day I will occasionally call back to information  learned from the show.

Could it get gross? the title… it is in the title… But was it entertaining? Very much.

Remember, there was a super model mad scientist named Scab Fairy who collected scabs

All the characters had personality. The main cast was likable and the villains were so unique in design and goals, that it was fun when they returned. If you have the chance I will always recommend checking out the adventures and grime fighting action of Grossology!

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