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Do You Remember? Growing Up Creepie

When there was an awesome show about a girl being raised by bugs.

Discovery Family is known for showing the reboot of My Little Pony. Before that, it was Discovery Kids and the majority of their shows held a seldom attempt to also educate while delivering a narrative that they hoped would make middle school age kids interested in varying topics.


Growing Up Creepie was one of those attempts.

A show about a young girl goth girl named Creepella “Creepie” Creecher who, after being left on the door step of an old manor as a baby, is raised by the family of bugs that inhabit the mansion.

Quite The Family Portrait

What follows is a show about a truly alternative girl going through the troubles of protecting her family secret (being raised by bugs isn’t exactly a legal way of growing up) and understanding the hierarchy of the middle school social structure. Each episode would have Creepie dealing with a problem either caused by bugs or helped solved by bugs. All whom in this world are intelligent and able to speak.

With an opening that sounds like it was sung by a mid 2000’s Avril Lavigne, Creepie narrated her life better than I could ever.

Throughout the entire show’s run a strong point was that Creepie’s individuality was important to her. She never compromised it no matter the challenge brought about by her unique upbringing. Where every show targeted towards middle school students getting ready for high school claimed that their characters individuality was a big deal, for Creepie it actually was apparent.


Creepie never attempted to get attention; she didn’t spend the entire series attempting to fulfill a crush she had. No. Creepie’s main  goal was to just protect her family and her friends. That’s why this show was memorable, because all the characters individuality was important. Even the girls who served as the antagonizing popular girls found Creepie defending them.

The Majority Of Their Names Being Plays On Bug Names

Though of course a big part of this show was learning cool bug facts narrated by Creepie at the end of each episode about the featured new bug Creepie dealt with.

So, time for the most fun part. Unlike most of the shows we talk about this one is easily found. That’s right! The guys who originally distributed this show have legally posted the show in its entirety on YouTube for you to watch! 


So we suggest you check it out if the story of a girl with all of the coolest style appeals to you and the creepy creature inside you.

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  1. I used to watch this show when I was younger and I loved it. I wish they wouldn’t have cancelled it. It was shows like “Growing Up Creepie” that helped me with my not fitting in. Definitely made me feel better about myself and being different wish they’d bring it back…

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