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ERASED: Not Your Average Deja Vu

Why does this mystery thriller stand out so much this anime season?




Every quarter, we get new anime to watch; some we look forward to, while others seem to just fly under the radar. ERASED follows the story of a young manga artist who is hard at work trying to make a name for himself after the success of his debut. This though isn’t just the story of how the manga production process works (looking at you, Bakuman.)

This title is listed under the fantasy, mystery, and thriller genres. Satoru Fujinuma has more than just art talent under his belt. Every time a life-threatening event occurs he is instantly transported back in time to just before the point of it happening, an ability he calls “Revival.” This jump in time continues to happen until he is able to rectify the situation. Usually though, it’s only up to 5 minutes in the past. After one such Revival he finds himself trapped 21 years in the past trying to unravel the events surrounding a case of disappearances of several young girls in his grade.

Can Satoru stop these events from happening, or will he be forced to live through puberty all over again? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

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Justin Seva is a writer, producer, and voice for Nerdier Tides. When he isn't providing content for the site or catching up on gaming news he spends his time reading manga while listening to music of the anime persuasion.

3 comments on “ERASED: Not Your Average Deja Vu

  1. Anime_Girls_NYC

    I am obsessed with this anime.


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