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The launch of Anime NYC panel reservations pushed back until later this month

New dates for signups.

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Following difficulties with the initial reservations for the Kodansha USA Presents Hajime Isayama panel, Anime NYC and their registration partner Growtix have postponed further panel & autograph reservations till later in the month.

The original plan was for fans to be able to reserve their spot for the Kodansha USA Presents Hajime Isayama Panel on November 1st, with all other event reservations opening on November 2nd, but the site crashed during the first day, and no one was able to make their reservation.

Following an apology and explanation of what happened, Anime NYC informed fans of their new plans and launch days for signups which will be November 7th for Autographs and November 9th for Panels.

Anime NYC Panel & Autograph Update:

“Anime NYC is in conversation with our reservation partner about the issues with the November 1 panel launch, and to keep communication upfront, we can state no full panel launch will take place today.

Separate from panels, we will be pausing our autograph lotteries, originally planned for launch on November 3, until next week.

New Autograph Launch – Nov 7
New Panel Launch – Nov 9

We are reworking all our plans with our reservation partner and will communicate the exact process and time clearly in advance of these dates. We’re deeply disappointed and frustrated with yesterday’s panel launch, and we will only relaunch after sharing all details across our website, social media, and newsletter.

Anime NYC switched to using a reservation system to create an easier way for fans to get the chance to participate in the convention’s events & panels. Despite the difficulties, the system does seem to be easier than waiting several hours on a line (thus missing out on other convention activities).”

via Anime NYC

Fans should stay tuned to the Anime NYC Panels page for the latest updates. And in the meanwhile, you can take a look at the convention’s official site for a full list of events, panels, and the autographs the convention will be offering!

Anime NYC 2022 Powered By Crunchyroll is set for November 18-20 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. Badges for Friday and Sunday are still available.


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