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@Anime NYC 2021 – Joystick Angels

A space opera with style!

We love our epic space operas over here at NT. Characters exploring a vast universe and getting caught up in an amazing adventure. It has always appealed to us. And that is why Joystick Angels immediately caught our eyes.

RAE Comics

An original Sci-fi comic book series by T.J. Sterling and Spencer Sterling and published by RAE Comics, Joystick Angels follows 5 teens on an adventure to save the universe after the destruction of the Earth.

The series harkens back to classic sci-fi epics, but with a spin and tone all its own. Fans of anime and space operas will definitely want to check out Joystick Angels.

The style and writing creates unique characters exploring a vast space setting filled with potential.

The RAE Comics Booth @ Anime NYC 2021

Take a trip over to the official RAE Comics site to pick up your copy of Joystick Angels issue #1. While there, you can check out their action-packed series Okemus. Follow RAE Comics founder on Instagram to see what conventions they are heading to next.

Missed Anime NYC? Check out Anime Frontier running December from December 3-5 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Houston, Texas! Head here for more information and to get your ticket!

Anime NYC

Anime NYC 2021 may be over, but the date is already set for 2022! Go to to learn more.

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