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@Anime NYC – Kawaii Chikkie

What Chikkie are you?

Kawaii Chikkie may be the most relatable fictional chicken ever… He is sassy but tries hard, though like the rest of us constantly fights the urge to nap, but no matter what, keeps it “cheepie,” and that is why the line of stationery and collectibles based around him are just so cute!

Pastel colors and a go-get-em attitude, Chikkie’s adorable stationery is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Finding useful stationery that is also cute is a constant life goal.

Chikkie is a whole mood, and we love him.

Kawaii Chikkie @ Anime NYC 2021

Run over to the Kawaii Chikkie site to take a look at what they have in their shop (while there, you can take the test and see what Chikkie you are). Stay tuned to their Instagram to learn what convention they are heading to next.

Missed Anime NYC? Check out Anime Frontier running December from December 3-5 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Houston, Texas! Head here for more information and to get your ticket!

Anime NYC

Anime NYC 2021 may be over, but the date is already set for 2022! Go to to learn more.

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