Voice Actors Tasuku Hatanaka and Junichi Suwabe Discuss Their ‘MARS RED’ Characters In New Interview

Get a peek behind the scenes of MARS RED!

(Featured Image: Bun-o Fujisawa / SIGNAL.MD / MARS RED Production Committee / Funimation)

Funimation has released a new video showing Tasuku Hatanaka and Junichi Suwabe, two voice actors in the upcoming anime series MARS RED, discussing their characters, the story, and more!

It’s 1923, and until recently, vampires kept to the shadows. When the mysterious blood source Ascra appears, their numbers swell, leaving Japan covered in bodies. In response, the government spawns its own coven to infiltrate the dark. With S-rank vampire Deffrot and the rookie Kurusu, this kill squad is made for one reason: to hunt the undead. Bloodsuckers beware; the night belongs to Code Zero!


MARS RED is based on a stage-reading play created by Bun-O Fujisawa, who is also working on the anime series. It takes place in a version of 1920’s Japan where vampires are real. A special task force of vampire hunters will investigate the sudden rising number of vampires following the development of artificial blood. It is directed by Kouhei Hatano, with writing by Junichi FujisakuKemuri Karakara as original character designer, and Yukari Takeuchi handling series character designs. The music is by Toshiyuki Muranaka. The series will be produced by Signal.MD.

Tasuku Hatanaka who is the voice of Shutaro Kurusu and Junichi Suwabe who voices Yoshinobu Maeda offer a look at what anime fans can expect from the stage production turned anime series!

MARS RED will premiere on Funimation in Spring 2021.

(Source: Funimation)

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