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Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 6 Releases Later This Month!

The next chapter in Phantasy Star Online 2's story is set to begin!

(Featured Image: Online R&D / Sega)

The next chapter in Phantasy Star Online 2 Global is due to be released later this month, and has gotten a new trailer!

“So, you left the Sacred Magical Kingdom of Epykuento in the transcendent hands of a friend, and headed back to Fleet Oracle for some much needed R&R. The only problem is that your legendary feats in vanquishing one enemy inadvertently permitted the entry of another – and she even had the gall to thank you for it. As your experience on Alternate Dimension: Omega taught you, the universe tends to favor recycling things; though chaos often interferes and these re-creations can be – flawed. Add this to the newfound knowledge that your experience on Omega may not have been historically accurate, and you have the recipe for a grim sense of foreboding. ARKS will again need your help; to make sense of the past – and preserve the future.”

Online R&D / Sega

Episode six is the beginning of Oracle’s final battle. Excited fans can expect new features and amazing story.

Online R&D / Sega

New features include:

  • New Story
  • Player Level cap increased to 95
  • New Classes – Phantom & Étoile
  • New Summoner Pets – Herbie and Vulcan
  • New Urgent Quests
  • New Quest Type – Risk Exploration
  • Arms Extension
  • New Quest Difficulty – Ultra-Hard (UH)
  • New ARKS Missions
  • New Rising Weapons Badge
  • New Enemy Type – Luminmech and Ultra Enemies
  • New Seasonal Events
  • New Mission Pass Season
  • Exciting new Titles to earn
  • Additional Recommended Quest – Level Up Quest
  • New Collection Folders – Legendary 15★ Collection Folder, 14★ Eggs Collection 1
  • New Bonus Quest – Special Mission: Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • New Practice Quests – Étoile, Phantom, AIS Vega
  • New S-Grade Augments
  • New 15★ Weapons at Zig Shop
  • New 13★ Units at Zig Shop
  • 13★ Units can be have S-class Augments – S6, S7, S8
Online R&D / Sega

The captivating story of Phantasy Star Online 2 has captivated gamers across the world.

Episode 6 of Phantasy Star Online will be available on December 9th, 2020. Phantasy Star Online 2 is available for PC and Xbox One.

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