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New RWBY Merch Is Available On The Rooster Teeth Store!

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(Featured Image: Rooster Teeth)

Just in time for RWBY: Volume 8, a new slate of RWBY apparel and collectibles have hit the Rooster Teeth Store! So whether it is a new addition to your closet or a new mug for your morning coffee, there is something for you.

Team RWBY show off their skills in the new Grimm Street Fight Collection!

RWBY Grimm Street Fighter Ruby Rose T-Shirt

RWBY Grimm Street Fight Weiss Schnee T-Shirt

RWBY Grimm Street Fight Blake Belladonna T-Shirt

RWBY Grimm Street Fight Yang T-Shirt

The members of RWBY would love this collection of Snapback Hats sporting their logos!

RWBY Ruby Rose Snapback Hat

RWBY Weiss Schnee Snapback Hat

RWBY Blake Belladonna Snapback Hat

RWBY Yang Xiao Long Snapback Hat

Keep warm with the RWBY Paneled Fleece Jacket

This collection of Shirts Celebrate some fan-favorite Duos from the series.

RWBY Duos Oscar & Ozpin T-Shirt

RWBY Duos Raven & Qrow T-Shirt

RWBY Duos Neptune & Sun T-Shirt

RWBY Duos Coco & Velvet T-Shirt

And assorted collectibles to make your days a bit fun.

All a great way to show the world that you are a proud hunter of the Grimm, all of these are available now on the Rooster Teeth Store, along with other Rooster Teeth collectibles.

RWBY: Volume 8’s first episode is streaming now, so head over to Rooster Teeth First and VRV. While there, check out behind the scene special videos, and catch up from the beginning of their journey.

NTWRK Presents Anime NYC Online Powered By Crunchyroll will be from November 17-20, 2020. You can get more information by checking out the official site, and stay tuned for the official schedule as well as details about events.

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