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Chinese Citizen Forced To Apologize By His Employer, After Saying He Likes Team Rocket On Social Media

"Team Rocket's rockin, Talkin' trouble, walkin' trouble, Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you..."

As reported by SoraNews 24, one man in China had to rethink what team he exactly supports after his employer forced him to issue an apology. This followed him posting about everyone’s favorite calamitous criminal trio from Pokémon, Team Rocket, and how they are his favorite.

The man, an employee of Guangzhou Central Sports Co., made a post to Chinese social media app WeChat, in which he talked about how much the animated Team Rocket inspires him, alongside two pictures, one of the Trio and the other a headline concerning professional basketball team, the Houston Rockets.

The Man’s Post In Favor Of Team Rocket:

“I love Team Rocket! No matter how many people say they’re bad guys, I’ve loved them since I was a little kid. No matter how many times they fail, they get back up and keep chasing after their dreams, and seeing them do that gives me courage too. Thank you, Jessie, James, and Meowth.”

Via Sora News 24

But shortly after posting about his heroes, his employer released their own statement about Ash’s sometimes friends/enemies and the man’s statement, alongside a pictured of a signed letter of apology from him.

Some excerpt from the man’s apology Via Sora News 24:

“I love my mother country.”

“I apologize for causing a controversy and hurting everyone.”

“I was talking about Pokémon’s Team Rocket.”

“I wasn’t talking about the Houston Rockets.”

Via Sora News 24

His employers apologized for what they deemed as an “inappropiate” post.

This was likely due to the man’s included image of the Houston Rockets headline, which noted the team’s general manager sending out a tweet, showing his support of the protesters in Hong Kong. The Chinese name for Team Rocket and the Houston Rockets are similar, with the man stating in his apology that he only likes Team Rocket. Given the recent controversy that has hit Blizzard Entertainment over their own handling of pro-Hong Kong messages and the use of Overwatch’s Mei as a protest icon, we can see the hesitancy that some may have in the situation.

Team Rocket may be criminals, but it turns out they are at least one man’s heroes. Too bad he isn’t allowed to express that.

(Source – Sora News 24)

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