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Protesters Are Attempting To Get Overwatch Banned In China, Using ‘Mei’ Memes

The Blizzard character has become a sign of democracy.

Following Blizzard Entertainment suspending Hearthstone commentator/player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai for voicing his support for Hong Kong during an official tournament stream, the gaming world has initiated a boycott of Blizzard games, with the unlikely symbol of this movement becoming Overwatch’s Mei.

Originating in a post on r/HongKong that suggested using Mei, who is Chinese, as a way to show their frustration with Blizzard, with the greater hope to have China ban the character and maybe even Overwatch. The post quickly gained traction.

Artists got to work.

There is hope that by making Mei a “pro-democracy” figure/symbol, they could have her image removed and banned from the region’s version of Overwatch. This would follow similar changes made to another Blizzard title, World of Warcraft, in regards to its undead characters exposed bones. The even better-known example of a character ban would be Winnie the Pooh, who is banned due to the internet making jokes about China’s President, Xi Jinping’s, using the adorable character.

If this will work is hard to say, but tweets and posted pics of gamers uninstalling Blizzard Games in a show of displeasure with Blizzard’s actions may show that they have already lost in some way.

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