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@Play NYC – Hero: Tales of the Tomes

Rewarding gameplay, unique matches, And legendary heroes. The best mix!

Hero: Tales of the Tomes is a rich and captivating multiplayer card game where players take on the role of amazingly dynamic and uniquely designed heroes to battle it out, with players sharing a deck with their opponents! And man is it a wonder to play!

Legendary Grand Heroes!

Designed to avoid the issues that befall other card games for some players, Hero: Tales of the Tomes avoids the heavy meta and deck building that can slog down the entry into play. In Tales of the Tome, players can immediately engage and play, giving it a trait that I have never seen a card game have, the ability to be instantly picked up and played.

Each hero has abilities and stats just for them!

Jimmy Ellerth Entertainment LLC.

2-5 players pick heroes, and using a shared deck, do battle, drawing companions, spells, and equipment to make up their hand. The game becomes a matter of going with the flow, though there still is a level of strategy, it is one that truly belongs to this card game, as you never know what you may draw. Planning ahead and hoping for that specific hand you know will let you win like in other card games, isn’t how it works, and it is so refreshing. It keeps the game light. It makes no pull truly upsetting when you can just laugh with your friends and arent busy running deck draw statistics in the back of your head.

Rewarding gameplay and unique matches. The best mix!

Hero: Tales of the Tome @ Play NYC 2019

Rounds of Hero: Tales of the Tome feel like you are telling some legendary story. Each card is another moment captured, another twist to experience. It’s a card game, yes, but its accessibility can make you forget the meta that other card games force upon you just to play. In Hero: Tales of the Tome, fun comes first.

Hero: Tales of the Tome @ Play NYC 2019

Hero: Tales of the Tome is available now over on its official site. The creator offers constant updates about the game and plans for it, so make sure to give them a follow on Twitter!

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