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@Play NYC 2019 – Fiction Sphere

Power-up your skills to take down your enemies!

Team Einherjar’s Fiction Sphere is a game that we are very excited about! A platformer that harkens back to those of the 90s, it is fast-paced, action-packed, and challenging. It is perfect!

Power-up your skills to take down your enemies!

Team Einherjar

Playing as Ratio, players take on a world where combat comes quick. Combining the beat-em platformer, with the skill of a gallery shooter, smash the face of enemies up close with style filled combos or bring up Ratio’s targeting reticle to fight at a distance. By leveling up your chosen skills, you can better fine-tune the way you choose to play!

Ratio takes on a world ravaged by a virus and tormented by the robots meant to save it.

Team Einherjar

Explore a post-apocalyptic world filled with enemies.

A beautiful stylized post-apocalyptic world, the character, and enemy designs are dynamic and carry the game’s aesthetic well. The stages vary in theme but tie well together and to the narrative. Fiction Sphere really does feel like a modern and unique take on the 90s platformers of the past.

Fiction Sphere is a must-play entry into a fan favorite genre.

Fiction Sphere is coming to PC with a demo available now, planned releases for Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One to follow. To track this awesome game, you can follow them on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube, check out their Official Site, and join their Discord!

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