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@Play NYC – Inequality-opoly

Thought-provoking and educational, while also being fun? A masterful combo if there ever was one.

Inequality-opoly is a board game using a creative and interactive means to meet an important mission. Developed by a teacher/board game director, Inequality-opoly is a property game that explores perspectives and their impact on someone’s experience.

Racism and sexism’s impact, explored through an interactive board game.

Players take on different perspective identities that either impede or boost their starting point and progress in the game.

Using recent studies, but making them interactive through the natural interactivity that comes with a board game, Inequality-opoly does well in raising the idea of what perspective is. The game successfully had us wondering just what it means to see other people. We were challenged with understanding the effects of racism and sexism in America in terms of the workplace, accumulation of wealth, and property ownership, all while still having so much fun!

Thought-provoking and educational, while also being fun? A masterful combo if there ever was one.

Inequality-opoly @ Play NYC 2019

That was the most impressive thing about the game. Yes, while we honestly understood the game had a message, it never felt like one that detracted from the fact we were playing a game. There was a realness to it all, and we came away from the demo session we played, having a conversation amongst ourselves. Yes, we played a game. Just one that imparts a lesson without you completely realizing it. On some level, that is likely thanks to the skill a teacher has to have. Making a lesson something fun, or as the game’s designer best put it, “engaging enough that the students will want to do it.”

Inequality-opoly @ Play NYC 2019

The game is currently available for pre-order to backers on Indie GoGo, with a full release planned for later this fall. To track this awesome game for yourself, you can follow them on Twitter or check out their Official Site.

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