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@Play NYC 2019 – Fourzy

Fourzy is a unique match-four game where you have to play every angle.

Mindisle Games Fourzy is an abstract mobile puzzle strategy experience that constantly challenged us to think in new ways. A multiplayer game where players have to herd and align adorable little creatures called Fourzies. Lining up four Fourzies is how you score, but it’s not as easy as it may seem. Unique characters, layered deck building mechanics, and an imaginative world makes for one must-play game for you and your friends!

You have to remember to play every angle.

Matches can be played against others asynchronously or live.

You have to plan ahead in Fourzy, beyond most games in the genre. You slide Fourzies onto the board while carefully considering what angles your opponent can play and what that means for your future moves. Under its cute exterior, we slowly found ourselves playing a unique form of board examination, and it was a pure treat.

Accessible to anyone, but a delight to master.

While that level of constant strategy exists, the game is still very accessible. At Mindisle game’s Play NYC booth, people of all ages enjoyed the experience and varying challenge that Fourzy had. The boards are dynamic and can have varying tile pieces that add a bit of a change-up of how you have to approach that session. Again, this kept us on our toes as suddenly we had sticky tiles that we could get stuck on, arrows that shuffled us around, and more.

For those that maybe would enjoy a solo experience, they have a single player that while just plain old fun, also helps you refine your thinking for the game via puzzles and challenges.

Fourzy being excitedly played @ Play NYC 2019

Fourzy is currently available early access for iOS and Android, with a planned Steam release in the future. You can track the progress of Fourzy by following them on Twitter and checking out their Official Site.

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