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@Play NYC 2019 – At Sundown: Shots in the Dark

A hide-and-seek arena shooter where the light is your enemy.

Mild Beast Games’ AT SUNDOWN: Shots in the Dark is a fast-paced isometric, four-player arena shooter where after you choose a character and loadout, and you get dropped onto a dynamic map where no one, including yourself, can’t be seen unless you stand in the light.

Mild Beast Games

It an intricate manhunt as you have to not only figure out where you are but your opponents locations as well. The only times when you are revealed is when you shoot your gun or walk by a lantern and other items that pierce the darkness.

The light is both your enemy and friend.

Now when you are able to see yourself, you have to keep in mind that everyone else can also see you too. This makes the choice of just standing in the open near the light, nothing but you making yourself a target.

AT SUNDOWN: Shots in the Dark becomes a matter of spacial awareness. When you bump into an obstacle, the controller vibrates. Combining this with careful glimpses of yourself, and eventually, you adjust to a new way of thinking. A new way to figure out just where you stand in the darkness.

The game also offers offline bot matches and challenges for solo players.

Players unlock new maps and weapons as they level up.

Playing AT SUNDOWN was fun and unexpectedly challenging, bringing strangers together with laughs and silly frustration at having someone kill them they didn’t even know was there. Or even better they didn’t know where their character was.

The game eventually becomes a mix of careful tactics when things are fine and frantic guessing when they are not. And it plays so well!

Mild Beast Games @ Play NYC 2019

AT SUNDOWN: Shots in the Dark has tons of laughs and competition, and I excitedly recommend you checking it out. It is available on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch!

For the latest updates for the game, you can follow them on Twitter and join their Discord!

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