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@Play NYC 2019 – From Rust

Unique characters, layered deck building mechanics, and an imaginative world makes for one must-play game for you and your friends!

Razbury GamesFrom Rust is a 1-4 player cooperative, narrative rich, digital card game that we can’t help but love! The gameplay is fun, unique, accommodating, yet also challenging. The humor as the developer expertly put it is a “post-apocalyptic tongue-in-cheek mad max” and it is a delight. All over the game has such a refreshing and captivating breath of life in it, that instant had us hook.

It’s you and your friends vs the deck.

In From Rust, players take on the deck as they tackle a world where horrible rust bolt mechanized monstrosities roam the world, looking to take on what is left of humanity.

Players take their decks to then explore areas under machine control. This exploration has the chance to trigger events, reward loot, and of course, defeat the menacing patchwork robots who want their doom.

No booster packs make for an amazing time!

By making it through an area, players will then have to take on a boss who’s defeat lets them earn in-game currency and cards which they can use to refine their deck for next time, and in a shocking yet kind form of game development from Razbury Games, From Rust promises no microtransaction booster packs. You can earn cards just by playing the game, and we absolutely love that,

Unique characters, layered deck building mechanics, and an imaginative world makes for one must-play game for you and your friends!

There is so much to be excited for when it comes to From Rust that you can check out for yourself sooner than you think! From Rust hosts regular alpha weekends that you can partake in by joining their discord!

You can follow along with From Rust’s development by checking out their Twitter and joining their discord!

Razbury Games @ Play NYC 2019

Trust that it is a game that you and friends will really enjoy!

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