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@Play NYC 2019 – Totem

A pixel-art adventure game where nature takes on the destruction of industry

Indie dev Other Moon Games‘ upcoming game, Totem is a wonder to experience. It shares a lot with games like Hyper Light Drifter and Legend of Zelda’s older entries while incorporating a style all its own. Something we really enjoyed!

Rendered in a beautiful pixel art style, it’s smooth and helps give the world a great feeling for the forest that we started in, and the adventure ahead. You play as a “deer girl” named Mira, or at least that is what the random fairy she comes across and can understand calls her. Discovering an ax embedded in a stone, Mira is shockingly able to wield this weapon of divine origin. With the guidance of the amazed, yet still rude fairy, Mira heads deeper into the forest to find answers.

Mira’s concept art.
(Other Moon Games)

Moving ahead we learned how to consume mana, heal Mira, and that we can even throw our ax and call it back. Using these abilities we defeated enemies and solved puzzles, gaining this excellent feel of challenging gameplay and constant learning.

Mira’s ax is a fun and versatile tool that grew to feel like a natural extension when it came to how I approached each puzzle and enemy.

Defeating the various enemies was a matter of understanding their tells and dodging their attacks, having my chance to launch a flurry of ax swings before dodging once more. While you face all matter of beast, the major conflict of the game is between nature and Industry.

Mira faces off against the Anvil. Those invading the forest and leaving destruction in their wake.
(Other Moon Games)

I was ready to beat up all the armored goons I saw but still remembered I had to chop down smaller trees for mana and slay some of the forest creatures for the resource to restore my health. Eventually, I encountered a wolf named Artemis, which after defeating him, I gained a new ability and was able to use this power to interact with the world in new ways.

Defeating bosses and upgrading abilities is how you strengthen your character.

This is where the demo ended, but we are very excited to see where the adventure goes and how many other powers are implemented into the game!

Other Moon Games @Play NYC 2019

This game will be going live soon on Kickstarter so look out for them soon. You can be ready for when it launches by following them on Twitter and checking out their official site!

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