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@Play NYC 2019 – Revery Rebirth

In the world of Revery Rebirth, music and magic meet!

In the world of Revery Rebirth, music and magic meet!

Revery Rebirth is a game that we are very excited about! A pixel-art turned based RPG with a theme and aesthetic tied to music and its power. It comes from indie game studio RatBird Games.

In Revery Rebirth, it is your job to get the band together!

What immediately drew me to the game was its vivid art and the fact its protagonists wielded instruments, not swords. Then we learned about the narrative and knew the game was for us!


RatBird Games

Set in the world of Caarmellum, where music is magic, the player controls a young man named Ares. Ares has set out to make a new band after discovering a former bandmate has a role in a disastrous event. You come across all mater of musician while on your journey, showing the variance and power that is music.

Music is the ultimate tool! You defeat enemies, cast spells, solve puzzles, and interact with the world. Much of the game includes real-life music theory.

The world felt immersive, with the characters varying and different enough that there was a realness to it. The game includes LGBTQ+ characters and storylines that leave behind the usual tropes and stereotypes, and that is such a wonder to experience.

Some of the musicians of Revery Rebirth:

The characters each use different instruments and have songs and motifs created for them.

RatBird Games @ Play NYC 2019

We are hype for Revery Rebirth and you should be too! Heading to Kickstarter September 1st, you can track when it goes live by following their Twitter and checking out their Official Site!

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