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@Play NYC 2019 – Pure: Birth of the Goddess

A new Action-Rpg with a nostalgic feel.

While there has been much love shown to the style and aesthetic of game genres past, there has been a bit of vibe and feel left out of that. A difficult to exactly pin down era, its member games include Dark Cloud, Mega Man Legends, Grandia. Games able to capture players with strong narratives, charming worlds, and memorable characters.

All of that, that same design spirit, is something I felt when interacting with and learning about AngryOtterGames‘ Pure: Birth of the Goddess.

Prototype Trailer:

From a two-person indie game dev team, PBOTG is an upcoming PC action-rpg inspired by JRPGS. Controlling a group of friends, you set forth to solve the 200-year-old mystery of why magic disappeared from the world. Gathering new allies, each with special skills and choice of weapon, you will explore interesting locations, take on fearsome enemies, and enjoy the rich narrative with some secret hunting and minigames on the side.

The game’s art style and world design really makes you understand what inspired the game.

While what was present was a early build, its story and gameplay really stood out. It’s exciting to see a game with its style, narrative, and characters in the current era of gaming.

AngryOtterGames @PlayNYC 2019

Pure: Birth of the Goddess is set to launch for PC via steam in 2020 with planned releases Nintendo Switch and Xbox One to follow.

You can follow alongside the development of this interesting title by checking out their Twitter, Youtube, and Official site!

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