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@Play NYC 2019 – Skellboy

Skippy may be falling apart, but that just gives him all the more to work with!

(While at Play NYC 2019 we played and asked questions in regards to the Nintendo Switch version being published by Fabraz)

Legendary heroes sometimes have to go beyond the call to save the day and protect those who need help, even when they have been dead for a bit.

Enter Skellboy’s hero Skippy, who may be falling apart, but that just gives him all the more to work with!

Umaiki Games

Skellboy is a single-player action-RPG developed by Umaiki Games, where players control Skippy, an undead hero who has set forth to stop a heartbroken court magician from destroying the world with his undead army. Being dead Skippy is a bit more modular these days, able to exchange and replace limbs, giving him new access to skills and stat boosts.

Umaiki Games

exploring the cubey-pixel world of Cubold, Skippy can pick up new weapons alongside new bodyparts, to really teach his enemies it is best they didn’t leave their graves.

Cubold is a vibrant and interconnected world filled with secrets and minigames for players to discover while they enjoy the narrative of the hero Skippy.

Umaiki Games

The combat is a blend of frantic yet methodical. Entering a room and just smashing every enemy with my mace resulted in some major health loss. But tactically moving around them, lining them up, making sure I wasn’t corned and watching for the tell of their attacks was a better plan. Until there was enough left to just smash them in the face with my mace. It was great!

Umaiki Games

The combat combined with the mix and matching of different body parts gives the game the chance to feel unique for everyone. Like every player’s playthrough could be slightly different than their friends.

Skellboy @Play NYC 2019
(Umaiki Games , Fabraz)

With a fun narrative, interesting world, and a unique form of gameplay/customization, we are very excited for Skellboy!

Umaiki Games

Skellboy will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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