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New Pokémon Café Menu Items Look Adorably Delicious!

The Pokémon Café wants you to feel the energy of Johto with their new summer menu!

Trainers will have the perfect selection of meals to help them energize this summer with the new Pokémon Gold & Silver themed spread available at Japan’s Pokémon Café!

Starting June 8th, food and drinks designed around the Johto region of Pokémon.

Pichu Cheerful Bite curry has a face you can’t help but go “aww” at.
(Via Pokémon Café )
An Espeon themed Teriyaki Burger only available during the day time as that is when Eevee evolve into Espeon.
(Via Pokémon Café )

Burgers, sandwiches, and curry dishes!

Umbreon Chicken Burger, only available during night time as that is when Eevee turns into an Umbreon.
(Via Pokémon Café )
A sweet and delicious Milktank Tapioca Milk Tea Mix!
(Via Pokémon Café )
Chikorita Spinach Pancakes with ham, potato and egg salad. This one might be tough to eat as it’s so cute!
(Via Pokémon Café )

Even a pancake you can draw on!

Smeargle Drawing pancakes that comes with a chocolate pen so that you can create a masterpiece before you eat~
(Via Pokémon Café )

Those who grab one of these adorable meals will be rewarded with a special Johto set, My 251 Pokémon sticker.

While most of the new dishes will be available throughout the summer starting June 8th, the majority of the menu event will end this September.

Pokémon Gold & Silver was released as of November, 20 years ago in Japan. It will be fun to see just what is planned to celebrate that huge an anniversary!

(Featured Image Source – Pokémon Café)

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