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Japanese Voice Actresses Have Started Their Own Basketball League

The SJ3 League aims to showcase the competitive level of play its members are capable of!

As video games, anime and cartoons become more prominent, so has the status of those who work to create them. It is only in recent years that the voices behind the characters have become as prolific as they have. Japanese fans have long embraced this change. It has resulted in voice actresses showing off their personalities more publically. How dynamically fun they can be.

And just how well they can handle the court!

The newly formed SJ3 League will have teams of Japanese voice actresses playing games of basketball in a three-on-three league. Actresses from games and anime have formed eight teams in this new league. The SJ3 league (Seiyu Junior 3-on-3) is officially supported by the JBA (Japan Basketball Association); the plan is for the league to be a legitimate show of competitive skill.

The Teams:


With planned Spring and Fall tournaments, the first game is scheduled for September 30th.


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