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Danganronpa Creators Start New Game Company

Awesome new projects are on the way!

As reported by Gematsu, today may be both a sad and happy day for Danganronpa and Zero Escape fans. Two of the creators of those franchises, Kazutaka Kodaka and Kotaro Uchikoshi, have left Spike Chunsoft. The duo have left to form a new game developer studio Too Kyo Games.

Too Kyo Games,

The two are beloved for their part in the creation of Killing game themed mystery visual novels and are bringing along quite a few people who also worked on those games. The new studio has already revealed 4 of its upcoming projects including an anime and what is being described as a “children’s death game.”

Too Kyo Games,

A video game that all creators of Too Kyo Games will concentrate their abilities on. The genre has not revealed yet. Mr. Kodaka and Mr. Uchikoshi will make the scenario together.

Too Kyo Games,

An anime in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. The original author is Mr. Kodaka and the character designer is Mr. Komatsuzaki. They will depict the image of action films in the 1990s such as “Pulp Fiction” and “The Professional”

Too Kyo Games,

An action adventure game by Mr. Kodaka as a general manager, Mr. Uchikoshi as a scenario writer and Mr. Nakazawa as a director. The concept art drawn by Mr. Take (Illustrator. Representative works: “Tawagoto”) represents school children playing death game. It is very shocking.

Too Kyo Games,

Collaboration of the dev team of “Danganronpa” and Spike Chunsoft. Mr. Kodaka actually started this project before his retirement of Spike Chunsoft. We imagine a kind of cyberpunk world from this art. Mr. Komatsuzaki designs the characters, Mr. Shimadoriru designs background and Mr. Takada directs the sounds.


There has been no word yet on the future of Danganronpa. Danganronpa V3 was the beginning of a new chapter in the franchise so it may disappoint many if that is where the franchise was left.

You can check out the official site, here.

Source – Gematsu, Famitsu, Too Kyo Games


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