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The Tale Of Gorillaz Bassist Murdoc Niccals Being In Jail Is Done; Greater Mystery Revealed


A lot of updates have come in recent days to the story of Gorillaz bassist and founding member Murdoc Niccals. Jailed for crimes he claimed he didn’t commit, he asked his fans through messaging services to help prove his innocence and help catch the man who framed him. Thus began an alternate reality game that seems to maybe have reached if not a conclusion, a huge turning point.

So following the expert snagging of the map from El Mierda’s lieutenant by pretending to be his fiance, that map was passed off to Gorillaz guitarist, Noodle.

Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz

Journeying deep into the Himalayan mountains in search of El Mierda, Noodle makes it clear she is doing this for her friend and Gorillaz vocalist 2D. Fans have noted that in recent music videos 2D seems different. Cheerful and happy, this is paired with background warnings of an unknown “HIM”.

The Gorillaz – Humility

While the original theories were that he was happy that his constant tormentor and the closest thing to a best friend he had, Murdoc, was now in prison.

Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz

Noodle’s concern and trip to find the truth ends up taking a bit too long for Murdoc, who decides to launch his own literally shitty escape.

Crawling through the prison’s sewers, Murdoc at first appears to have drowned in a pipe filled with shit. Leaving participants in the air. Eventually, a message from Noodle explains that she found the hideout of El Mierda… Which has been turned into a spa, with a now criminally retired El Mierda as a sorta guru life coach. Furthermore, it was revealed that the reason that Murdoc was sent to prison was for unpaid parking tickets and throwing his shoes at the arresting officer.

Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz

And that his release date was the same day of his daring escape.

And then in a final twist, Murdoc arrives half alive and strapped to a yak.

Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz

So where does this leave the story going forward? With the big reveals of the story, a new music video was released for the song Tranz. The video felt otherworldly. It shows a dominant feeling 2D with lights emanating from his eyes. The background is static and jumping around painting the scene bizarrely. Some fans have questioned how could Noodle could be in the video and why her hair is now blond if she has been on a mission for several weeks in a remote mountain range.

Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz

Whatever happens next in the story, this has been one of the most fun Gorillaz phases to track and participate in.

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