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Play NYC 2018 – Way of Rhea

A colorful narrative puzzle game!

Anthropic Studios upcoming side-scrolling puzzle game Way of Rhea feels dreamlike and beautiful. a narrative-driven game, it has themes about the space that humans take up in the world.

Way of Rhea, Anthropic Studios

Serene in a way, players are able to only interact with objects that match their character’s current color.

Way of Rhea, Anthropic Studios


Creating unique puzzle opportunities along the way.

The game is currently is currently in early development and has a planned release for PC/Mac via Steam.

Way of Rhea, Anthropic Studios

You can check out the Anthropic Studios official site for more information on Way of Rhea, and you can track along the game’s development by following their Twitter and Instagram, as well as liking their Facebook.

1 comment on “Play NYC 2018 – Way of Rhea

  1. I liked playing the demo of this game . Hope to see the final version soon .


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