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Play NYC 2018 – Virtual Realms

Long Island's first virtual reality arcade!

Virtual reality setups can be costly. Preparing a rig for itbuying the gear and then, of course, the cost of games can make it either a long wait for some to get everything together or just pricing others out of it completely.

Virtual Realms

In comes Long Island, New York’s Virtual Realms, offering VR gaming accessible for everyone.


Virtual Realms is Long Island’s first Virtual Reality Arcade. Offering gamers the chance to play favorites like Beat Saber, Drunken Bar Fight, and Fruit Ninja VR. That barely dips into their vast library of VR games that players can enjoy either solo or as a group.

Just some of the available games:

  • Beat Saber
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Cowbots and Aliens
  • Quivr
  • Sports Bar VR
  • Sprint Vector
  • Drunken Bar Fight
  • Fruit Ninja VR
  • Job Simulator
  • And so much more~

They even sport leaderboards and tournamentsgiving that classic arcade community feel. Very cool given their inexpensive monthly membership rates. Even if you are looking more to just host a birthday party or meet up, they are happy to book your event!

It is so great to see spaces like this. You for sure want to give Virtual realms a look!

You can check out their official Site here! And visit their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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